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Sikh Welfare Council (SIWEC) depends on volunteers to fulfill much of its mission and to provide its various services.

Volunteers help to raise funds and spread the word about the plight of the needy and the valuable work that SIWEC does in alleviating hardships of beneficiaries.

Through community outreach, volunteers can connect with other like-minded individuals who may also be motivated to help others through the auspices of the Council.

Some ideas of ways you can help:

  • Talk to your family and friends
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Use the Tell A Friend button (located on our homepage)
  • Let's go viral! Write a post on your Facebook page and share with your connections. Ask them to spread the word as well. You can share us as well on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc.
  • Add us to your personal email signature with a creative message!
  • Write a blog post
  • Give a talk at a gathering.
  • Bookmark our site on your favourite social media sites. You can do this by clicking the Share button below.
The list goes on!
Let everyone know we are here and we need your support!