Overview of Assisted Families

For privacy reasons, identities of persons who have been assisted by SIWEC or who are still under its care will not be disclosed / published online or on any of its publications.

Over the years, a great many individuals have walked through the doors of the Sikh Welfare Council (SIWEC) seeking some sort of assistance. In many cases, families had fallen on hard times due to reasons such as the death of the sole bread winner, loss of job, legal separation / divorce, spike in expenses due to medical problems, etc.

In all cases, SIWEC reviewed and screened the applications for eligibility and actively investigated the background and circumstances of the family to ascertain its needs. Most families had relied on their own resources till a time they were unable to do so, and then approached SIWEC for assistance - some in desperate situation.

Our welfare officers then went in to help the families in several ways to alleviate their plight. This included the distribution of rations, food vouchers and even financial aid where necessary (e.g. children's school fees, medical espenses, etc). Counselling is an integral part of any assistance and our staff are well qualified to do so. Additionally, SIWEC helped families apply for various grants and assistance schemes that are already available through Government agencies and other bodies. Others, who could spare a room in their flats, were asked to rent them out. In many cases this increased incomes by $500 a month or more. Where possible, individuals were also assisted with employment, etc.