Education Success Story

Education success story - 2012


"Getting fully prepared for “O” levels was not an easy task. By the time school ended it would already be past five in the evening and the amount of homework just kept piling up as “O” level exams date approached. I was having a lot of problems with Math and English and since my family was not financially well to do I could not afford to take up private tuition. But thanks to Sikh Welfare Council for providing me with tuition classes for Math and English, thanks to their assistance I manage to pass both of the two most important subjects with good results.

Today as I embark on my journey for the next phase of my life in Nanyang Polytechnic doing Biomedical Engineering, I really want to thank the Sikh Welfare Council and Miss Indrejit Kaur (Senior Welfare Officer) for their help and assistance in achieving my goals. Thank you very much! 

Sanduha Shukla
Sikh Welfare Council Beneficiary