Prisons Counselling & Aftercare Program
drug addicts "Give us the fortitude to endure the things which cannot be changed, and the courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to know one from the other."

The objective of the Prisons Counselling and Aftercare Program is to provide counselling and rehabilitation to the drug addicts and inmates to assist them to integrate back into society.

We provide fortnightly rehabilitative and spiritual counselling for inmates and their families. Employment assistance and follow-up counselling sessions are done as part of aftercare.


These will include:
    • To provide spiritual and rehabilitative counselling to inmates and drug addicts
    • Study the need of inmates in prisons and drug addicts in DRCs.
    • Provide a link between the prisoners/drug addicts and their families if the need arises.
    • Assist inmates and drug addicts in finding meaningful employment upon release from custody.
    • Follow up conselling for prisoners and drug addicts after being released.

      These can encompass one or more of the following programmes:
    • Liaising with SANA or any other organization.
    • Ensure regular weekly visits to inmates in Prisons and Drug Rehabilitations Centres (DRCs)
    • Monitor the state of drug abuse by youth in Singapore.
    • Ensure that regular follow up counselling is carried out for drug addicts released fro DRCs and for inmates released from prisons.
    • Liaise with families of inmates and drug addicts to enhance family support.
    • Organise preventive programmes for youth in Singapore.
    • Programmes to mentor prison inmates towards being responsible citizens.


Inmates Counselling

SIWEC’s Prison Counseling and Rehabilitation Sub-Committee’s primary objective is to improve the spiritual well being of Sikh inmates under custody so as to enhance their chances of adopting law-abiding lifestyles on their return to the community and to create a safer environment within prisons, with the aid of teachings from Sikhism.

SIWEC monitors the welfare of inmates’ families during custody and acts as an external link between inmates and their families should the need arise.

Upon release, SIWEC provides assistances that include follow up counseling, searching for meaningful employment, provision of financial aid and engagement of past offenders to community service.

To reach out to the Sikh inmates, volunteers from SIWEC conduct weekly counseling and rehabilitation sessions at their assigned prisons and on special occasions such as Vesakhi and Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Janam Dihara, invite local Raagi Jathas to sing kirtan and celebrate together.

The weekly counseling and rehabilitation session starts by volunteers and inmates directing their minds and meditating on God’s Name. Through this constant meditation, the inmates practice controlling their minds and reflect on God’s virtues such as truth, love, benevolence and kindness. The sessions hope that with time, the inmates will begin to develop a feeling of affection and love for humanity, to observe the presence of God in every human being and upon release, utilize their life meaningfully in being responsible citizens and in serving society.

After meditation, volunteers and inmates engage themselves in interactive discussion topics such as coping with emotional and mental stress, living a happy and high-spirited life, and maintaining a positive outlook in life. Gurbani Shabads, Sikh sakhis and history and past related experiences of both volunteers and inmates are used to supplement these discussions and to provide encouragement and motivational support to the inmates.

To conclude the counseling session, Ardas is performed as an appeal to God to bless the session with continuous mediation of His Name, with a truthful, contented and high-spirited life and a plea for the welfare and prosperity of all.

by Gurpreet Singh

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